This web site provides preschool teachers, parents and preschool daycare providers a site to search, and find developmentally appropriate (age and individual appropriateness) activities and lessons for preschool children (ages 2-5). Modeled after NAEYC's position on appropriate practices for Early Education Programs, lessons found at PreK Central consider children of all cultures, abilities and learning styles. PreKCentral differs from many other sites in two ways: teacher submitted activities and database searches of these activities. See our planned talents below.


PreKCentral is designed to provide preschool teachers, daycare providers and families with tools to be used for the positive stimulation, development and education of young children through the available technology.

Achieved by:

  1. Designing a structure for teachers to use the technology more effectively.
  2. Maintaining the site for future use.

PreKCentral uses the NAEYC, its mission, philosophy and practices as its model in the development of this site and future related ventures.

NAEYC's mission:

"The National Association for the Education of Young Children believes that a high quality early childhood program provides a safe and nurturing environment that promotes the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of young children while responding to the needs of families." (Bredekamp, 1)

PE Central web site and CHRE's Housecalls web site and online database were used as models for the web design, database development and implementation.


Below are descriptions of possible themes their objectives:





Foster creativity through 2&3D art

Make Believe

Encourage imaginative play

Got Rhythm?

Introduce body movements & music

Word Play

Whole word, letter recognition, phonics

On the move

Gross motor skills

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Build math skills

Celebrate Us!

Exploration of own and other cultures, holidays and customs

Me Too!

Activites with several generations


Manipulatives....small motor

I Wonder

Science activites


Circle time, social activities

Young Explorers

Exploration outside the four walls of a classroom



formulating hypothesis
critical thinking
levels of complexity
addition /subtraction
spacial relationships
mass and quanity
time concepts
spoken lang
written lang
divergent thinking
size of objects
balance and support of structures
space concepts (volume/area)
relationships of objects
creative thinking
creative expression


communication with others
social awareness
social interaction levels
social leader or follower
social cooperation
large groups
small groups
repertoire for solving social problems


expressing needs/feelings in appropriate ways
orientation of self in world
concepts of self


large motor
small motor
levels of activity
hand-eye coordination

Other features of the site…



Found on the site

Kids talk

A place for teachers to share anecdotes

Home page A new quote at every visit

Kid art*

A place to share kid’s art

Home page A new image at every visit

Let’s share

A place for teachers, parents and daycare providers to share thoughts ... this may become an offshoot of the main site

List serve Web chat Bulletin board Other useful links

Great Job!

A place to download certificates, awards, stickers, etc.

not yet implemented

Color of the week

Showcase a color

every page

Words of Praise

Showcase positive words of encouragement

every page



Activities will be reviewed and added to a database weekly. Submissions can be received via email or snail mail or posted to the database through a web interface. Reviewers will review the activity, make sure that it is developmentally appropriate, make necessary minor changes (spell corrections) and post to the database using a web interface. Visitors can then access them in two ways: by viewing the weekly listings or search for full activity. Abstracts of activity ideas will be added weekly to the theme pages. A link will be provided for those who would like to see the full activity. Visitors can also search the database using keywords and have a listing of abstracts. From there visitors can click to see the full record. Ultimately visitors should be able to be able to mark responses and print full activity records selected.

Privacy Statement


Bredekamp, S. (1987). Developmentally appropriate practice in early childhood programs serving children from birth through 8. (Expanded Edition). Washington D.C. The National Association for the Education of Young Children.

Site Developed by:

Jackie Meese & Carolyn Kletnieks

Inspired by: Mr. "A", Mr. "B", Miss "H" and Miss "K".

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9.11. 2001
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