Title: Alphabet kids Summary: Children lie on the floor alone or in small groups and use their bodies to form the letters of the alphabet.
Kid Talents: Word Play,On the move
Kid Skills:
Physical: large motor,levels of activity Social: social problems solving
Emotional: Cognitive: creative expression
Objectives: Encourage physical movement, reinforce letters of the alphabet, and encourage self-expression. Encourage cooperation and working together with others. Materials: Carpeted floor, masking tape, and kids.
Submitter: Carolyn Kletnieks Date created: 2000-10-18 10:54:37
Modifier: Date modified: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Instructions: Use large strips of masking tape on carpet to make the shape of several letters. Allow enough room for kids to gather and work together. Ask the kids to lie down on the floor in the shape of the letters. The number of kids per letter will vary depending on the number of children and the overall size of the letters. Work on a one letter or more per week.
Alternatives: Use the tape for younger children.
Comments: Older kids may not need the tape on the floor to enjoy this.

9.11. 2001
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