Title: The After Christmas Tree Summary: Read the After Christmas Tree story to the children and then recreate the tree for themselves.
Kid Talents: Arts-n-crafts,Celebrate Us!,Clubhouse,Young Explorers
Kid Skills:
Physical: small motor Social: social interaction levels,social cooperation,large groups,social problems solving
Emotional: orientation of self in world Cognitive: imagination,spoken language,visual language,written language,creative expression
Objectives: Build listening skills and small group interactions. Encourage creative expression. Materials: The book, The After Christmas Tree by Linda Wagner Tyler, an evergreen tree, pinecones, peanut butter, bird seed, popcorn, cranberries, needle and string for hanging.
Submitter: Carolyn Kletnieks Date created: 2000-10-20 22:24:13
Modifier: Date modified: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Instructions: Read the book "The after Christmas Tree" to the children and suggest they decorate their own after Christmas tree. The tree can be a cut evergreen or even a planted, living tree. Children can coat pine cones with peanut butter and roll in birdseed. Attach strings to the pine cones. An adult will need to make the popcorn and cranberry strings. After the "decorations" are ready the children can help decorate the tree.
Alternatives: This does not need to be an after-christmas theme. You can use any tree, at any time of year. This also can have an added ecology element. You can also use multiple trees outside the classroom for a forest. Small groups can pick a tree and combine them to make a forest. Other decorations can also be made.
Comments: This activity will take quite a lot of teacher planning.

9.11. 2001
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