Title: Scary Ghosts Summary: Children create paper or fabric ghosts with a few simple materials.
Kid Talents: Arts-n-crafts,Celebrate Us!
Kid Skills:
Physical: small motor Social:
Emotional: Cognitive: imagination,creative thinking,creative expression
Objectives: Encourage creativity and imagination. Get the children to begin thinking about the Halloween holiday. Materials: 1 piece of Tissue or tissue paper (approx 8 X 8) , 1 piece of white tissue paper or cotton fabric approx (10 x 10 inches), black marker, string, fabric strips or twist ties, fishing line or string for hanging
Submitter: Carolyn Kletnieks Date created: 2000-10-30 02:59:21
Modifier: Date modified: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Instructions: Give each child the piece of tissue. Have each child wad the tissue up into a loose ball. The balled tissue will become the head of the ghost. Give each child a piece of fabric. Lay the fabric on the table and put the balled tissue in the center of the fabric. While holding the tissue and fabric in place, flip the fabric over. Pull the fabric tight ly around the "neck" of the ghost. Use a twist tie or a piece of fabric to secure. Use a marker to add eyes and mouth. Attach fishing line or a string to the top of the head and hang your ghosts from the ceiling.
Comments: Some children may need extra help with securing the neck or making the eyes and mouth.

9.11. 2001
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