Title: Decorated Gift Bags Summary: Simple gift bags that can be used for gifts made by children
Kid Talents: Arts-n-crafts,Celebrate Us!
Kid Skills:
Physical: small motor,hand-eye coordination Social:
Emotional: patience Cognitive: imagination,observations,creative thinking,creative expression
Objectives: Encourage self-expression, creativity and imagination. Materials: Scraps of holiday fabric, or any other pattern that suits you Fusible webbing Cookie cutters (or you may choose to draw your own designs) Marking pen Steam iron Paper lunch sacks Single-hole paper punch Fabric paint in tubes (preferably "Slick" paint, as it has a pointed tip and is easier to control the flow of paint.) Assorted ribbon or cording (to tie the finished bag shut)
Submitter: Gaby Layman Date created: 2000-11-06 09:51:25
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Instructions: Following manufacturer's instructions, apply fusible webbing to the wrong side of your fabric with a steam iron. It is easier to iron on this webbing before you cut the shapes out. When webbing is secured, use cookie cutters to trace shapes onto the webbing side of the fabric (See photo for reference). You may also choose to draw shapes of your own. After you have decided where you want your fabric shapes to be on the paper sacks, carefully peel away the backing to expose the adhesive part of the webbing. Place the shape right side up on the sack and press it securely with your iron. Be sure you put the shapes on the side of the paper sack that is not folded under, as you will have more room to work with your design on this side. Now comes some fun for the youngsters. Using fabric Slick paints, embellish your fabric designs. (See photo for examples.) You may choose to decorate a tree with garland and ornaments . . . you could outline the shapes with contrasting colors of paint . . . you could even add some beads or sequins to little drops of paint while they are still wet . . . there are no limits to the designs your kids will create. When the painting is done, set the bags aside to dry completely, preferably overnight. To add the ribbon tie, fold the top of the bag over to the backside and punch 2 holes near the top. Thread ribbon through the holes to the front side and tie a pretty bow. There you have it - Quick Gift Bags that are extremely inexpensive to make and add a special touch to gift giving during the holidays.
Comments: The teacher will need some out of class time to prepare for this project.

9.11. 2001
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