Title: Silly walks Summary:
Kid Talents: On the move
Kid Skills:
Physical: large motor,small motor,levels of activity,hand-eye coordination Social: social leader or follower,large groups,small groups
Emotional: self-control,perserverence,patience Cognitive: imagination,spacial relationships,observations,creative expression
Objectives: Develop coordination and balance in your children. Materials: Large area indoors or out that allows children room to walk around
Submitter: Carolyn Kletnieks Date created: 2001-10-10 18:23:03
Modifier: Date modified: 2001-10-10 18:23:03
Instructions: Develop your "silly walk". This may be a combination of hops; skips and jumps…move your arms if you like. Demonstrate the walk to the children and have them follow along.
Alternatives: Children with limitations should be considered…signing phases could be added to this.
Comments: This was developed from the Monty Python sketch "Ministry of silly walks"…. I did this with my own children while taking a nightly walk.

9.11. 2001
Random Work of Kid's art
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