Title: Tissue Paper Flowers Summary: Another ancient craft,been around forever. Tissue Paper Flowers This is one of the easiest projects and a great one to do with kids
Kid Talents: Arts-n-crafts
Kid Skills:
Physical: small motor,hand-eye coordination Social:
Emotional: perserverence,patience Cognitive: imagination,levels of complexity,observations,creative thinking
Objectives: Following directions, creative expression. Materials: oColored tissue paper oWire oGreen or brown florist's tape oA pencil
Submitter: Sandy Davis Date created: 2002-01-28 22:58:02
Modifier: Date modified: 2002-01-28 22:58:02
Instructions: 1.Cut the tissue paper into varying shapes for flowers and leaves. Use varying size petals, smaller for the center, and larger for the outer petals. 2.Wrap single or multiple sheets around the pencil. For greater "crinkle" effect, use less tissue paper, and wrap tightly. For a loose "crinkle", use more paper, and wrap loosely. Starting from one end of the pencil, gently push the tissue paper toward the center. Repeat at the other end. Gently unwrap the paper from the pencil. 3.Starting with the smallest petals (the center of your flower), wrap the base of each petal around the wire. It's easiest to flatten out the petals, wrap them, and then bend the tops of each petal backward to create an unfolding flower. Secure it to the wire by wrapping it with the florist's tape. Leave the tape long. 4.Wrap each successive petal around the wire, overlapping the previous petal slightly and secure with a wrap of tape. (I like to overlap a little unevenly - the finished flower more closely resembles something nature would produce.) You don't have to use wire as the stem of your flower, but wire has the Advantage of "bendability". 5.Once your flower is complete, wrap the tape around the bottom several times to create a solid base. Continue wrapping the tape around the wire, moving slightly down and overlapping with each wrap. Slightly below the base of your flower, begin placing the leaves by wrapping the base of each leaf around the leaf, and securing it with a wrap or two of tape. You can bend the leaves back or not, to get the effect you wish. Continuing securing leaves to the wire, placing them a bit apart so that you don't end up with a "bush", wrapping tape around the wire between each leaf. 6.After the last leaf has been added, continue wrapping the wire with tape until you reach the end of your wire. Cut the tape and stretch slightly as you press the end into the previously wrapped tape to secure it. Several flowers in a vase make a nice, long-lasting display. You can also use Gardener's styrofoam to secure your flowers - simply cut the styrofoam into the shape you want so that it fits in the bottom of your vase/container and stick the ends of the wire into it. For added foliage, you can buy dried eucalyptus leaves at your local craft store, or add some silk leaves to your arrangement.
Comments: This is probably best for older kids. Pipe cleaner could be used instead of plain wire.

9.11. 2001
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