Title: Spiders Summary: Simple materials are recycled to make a Halloween craft.
Kid Talents: Arts-n-crafts,Word Play,Me Too!
Kid Skills:
Physical: small motor,levels of activity,hand-eye coordination Social:
Emotional: self-control,perserverence,patience Cognitive: imagination,spoken language,written language,divergent thinking,creative thinking,creative expression
Objectives: Following directions, creativity, introduce the letter "S" and looking at things differently. Materials: Empty toilet or papertowel rolls Black tempra paint Craft googly eyes
Submitter: Avey Family Date created: 2002-01-28 23:20:33
Modifier: Date modified: 2002-01-28 23:20:33
Instructions: Take the empty toilet paper roll or paper towel roll and cut eight parts to it going up just high enough that you can bend them a little. Dip in black paint and you will have a spider. Use googlie eyes to finish. From the Files of Tugboat63@aol.com
Alternatives: Paper disks cut out and glued in place of wiggle eyes for those children less than three.
Comments: Using wiggle eyes may be too small and inappropriate for very young children

9.11. 2001
Random Work of Kid's art
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