Title: Peace Crowns Summary: Headbands decorated with doves
Kid Talents: Arts-n-crafts,Celebrate Us!,Clubhouse
Kid Skills:
Physical: small motor,hand-eye coordination Social: social awareness,multicultural
Emotional: perserverence,patience,orientation of self in world,concepts of self,acceptance of different ideas Cognitive: visual language,divergent thinking,observations,creative thinking,creative expression
Objectives: Introduce the ideas of Martin Luther King, the idea of dove as a symbol of peace, and creative expression Materials: White construction paper 6 inch paper plates (one for each child) glue glitter stapler scissors
Submitter: Lesson idea from ProvidersWeR Date created: 2002-01-30 12:59:04
Modifier: ProvidersWeR@yahoogroups.com Date modified: 2002-01-30 12:59:04
Instructions: Cut a white paper circle approx 2 1/2 inches across (size of frozen OJ lid) Then cut the small paper plate in half. One half becomes the doves body and the other half is cut in half again ( or quarters) The small circle is the dove's head, the half circle is the body, and the two quarter circle pieces are the wings. We glue these together, add eyes and glitter and then staple them to the headbands. Our kids love to wear any kind of crowns!
Alternatives: This is better for older preschoolers 3 and up.
Comments: After making these crowns we talk about the work of Dr. Martin Luther King and his dreams of peace. Also introduce the idea of objects such as the dove being a symbol or representation of an idea or concept.

9.11. 2001
Random Work of Kid's art
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