Title: Letís grow seeds! Summary: Children plant seeds in clear plastic bags to observe the process of seeing a seed sprout
Kid Talents: I Wonder,Clubhouse
Kid Skills:
Physical: small motor Social: communication with others,social interaction levels,large groups,small groups,social problems solving
Emotional: self-control,perserverence,patience,acceptance of different ideas Cognitive: formulating hypothesis,critical thinking,levels of complexity,classification,time concepts,relationships of objects,observations
Objectives: Seeing seeds sprout Materials: Zipper seal bags (snack or sandwich size), Cotton balls or white facial tissue, Seeds (beans work well), water
Submitter: Date created: 2002-03-09 11:35:57
Modifier: Date modified: 2002-03-09 11:35:57
Instructions: Fold the tissues lengthwise in strips to fit in the bottom of the plastic bags. Place tablespoon or so of water in the bag, on the tissue to moisten. Place three seeds in the bag. Squeeze out the air and tape to a window. Make sure the seeds are all on one side of the tissue and that the seeds face into the room. They will be easier to see as they sprout. The tissue will provide filtered light for the seeds. Depending on the seedís germination time, you should see results in about a week.
Alternatives: Plant in clear plastic cups.
Comments: This activity can be used as part of a unit on plants and plant growth. This activity will take time and the children will love the looking forward to examine their seeds. Germination times, seed growth and color of the seed can be discussed and charted as a group activity.

9.11. 2001
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