Title: The Museum of Numbers Summary: Children form a collection of items equal to a number. Any number can be featured.
Kid Talents: Hands-On
Kid Skills:
Physical: small motor Social: communication with others,social interaction levels
Emotional: acceptance of different ideas Cognitive: critical thinking,levels of complexity,addition and subtraction,classification,number,spacial relationships,mass and quantity,visual language,size of objects,observations,creative thinking
Objectives: This activity will help children with counting and understanding quanity the number featured. Materials: Ziploc or other clear plastic bag Age appropriate items to count Permanent marker
Submitter: Carolyn KLetnieks Date created: 2002-03-30 19:47:13
Modifier: Date modified: 2002-03-30 19:47:13
Instructions: Write the child’s name on the plastic bag. Have the children to bring the quanity of the number being studied of one thing (example toys, crayons, marshmallows) inside the bag. Display the children’s bags on the wall as a museum….the Museum of 1, Museum of 2, etc. Once the museum is complete discuss as a group the different ways the number has been represented.
Comments: Caution should be taken with plastic bags and children younger than three.

9.11. 2001
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