Title: My little Alphabet book: A and a Summary: A little booklet is made featuring this letter
Kid Talents: Arts-n-crafts,Word Play
Kid Skills:
Physical: small motor,hand-eye coordination Social:
Emotional: perserverence,patience,acceptance of different ideas Cognitive: imagination,critical thinking,spoken language,visual language,written language,relationships of objects,observations,creative thinking,creative expression
Objectives: Kids are introduced to letters of the alphabet, helping with letter recognition, letter sounds and discovering what words start with this letter. Materials: http://prek.dhs.org/attachments/alphabetbooks2.pdf crayons paper, sized 8 .5 X 11 inches
Submitter: Carolyn Kletnieks Date created: 2002-04-13 14:29:41
Modifier: Date modified: 2002-04-13 14:29:41
Instructions: Download the PDF file, using Adobe Acrobat to open if needed. Print the desired letter from the file. Fold the sheet of paper (with the print side out) short ends (8.5 inches) together. Fold paper again with the "My little…….book" title facing out. Work on this activity alone or as a group. Introduce the letter. Brainstorm with the children other words that start with that letter. Have the children draw a picture of the word opposite the word/picture printed on the page. Color in the drawing.
Alternatives: Kids may cut and paste picutres of something that begins with that letter from a magazine into their book. They may also open up the book to draw more pictures
Comments: Remember to download: http://prek.dhs.org/attachments/alphabetbooks2.pdf

9.11. 2001
Random Work of Kid's art
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