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Title: Hokey Pokey with Shapes Summary: Kids select the correct shape while singing the Hokey Pokey
Kid Talents: Got Rhythm?,On the move Objectives: Sing the Hokey Pokey and learn about shapes!

Title: "I'm A Little Turkey" thanksgiving song Summary: song for the thanksgiving holiday
Kid Talents: Got Rhythm?,Celebrate Us! Objectives: Use a easy, known tune to sing about thanksgiving

Title: Lookin at Lions Summary: Have kids look at a statue and draw it.
Kid Talents: Arts-n-crafts,Make Believe,Got Rhythm?,Young Explorers Objectives: Encourage imagination, creative expression , perspective.

Title: Musical Doodle Summary: Kids create a drawing while listening to a piece of music.
Kid Talents: Arts-n-crafts,Got Rhythm? Objectives: Kids will be introduced to different types of music and given a chance to express themselves though drawing.

9.11. 2001
Random Work of Kid's art
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